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E Participation
The Civil Aviation Authority pays great attention to build a bridge of communication with site visitors and followers in order to be acquainted with their opinions and suggestions, discuss issues with them that are related to aviation in the State of Qatar and involve them in decision-making processes through the use of the information and communication technologies. All suggestions and notes that are sent by visitors aim at improving the work of the Civil Aviation Authority, developing the level of services provided by the Authority and formulating the laws and decisions to serve the sector of aviation in the State and achieve the Authority's objectives.

With regard to E Participation, the Civil Aviation Authority has the right to monitor and follow up all comments and feedbacks posted on its website before publishing it to prevent any violations or breach of the applicable laws in the State of Qatar without prejudice to the Terms of Use of the Authority's website.
You can download a copy of the e-Participation Policy as stated on the website of  Ministry of Transport & Communications, through the following link:

E-Participation Policy

The Civil Aviation Authority is also pleased to receive notes and suggestions and it communicates with you through its accounts on the social media sites:

  • The Authority's official Facebook page
  • The Authority's official YouTube channel
  • The official Twitter account of the authority
  • The Authority's official Instagram account
  • The Authority's official Snapchat account
Site visitors may also participate and express their opinions at the following pages:
  • Survey 
  • Questionnaire

For further inquiries or suggestions, you can contact us via:
phone: 0097444557333