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​Privacy Policy and Rights of Usage

Privacy Policy: ​

At Civil Aviation Authority we are concerned at protecting your privacy and ensuring that you are provided with a safe electronic environment. We also take proper precautions to protect your information and data. Thus, during browsing the website the Civil Aviation Authority doesn’t collect any information to identify your personal identity. In case you intentionally provided personal information, we will deal with this information seriously and confidentially, in addition, this information will be provided with proper and sufficient protection whether online or offline.   
If you desire to submit an application that contains personal information about yourself through our internet services, we may exchange this data with another government authority or non-government entity authorised to provide specific government services in order to serve you in an effective and distinctive manner unless such exchange is prohibited by Law. For your convenience, we may suggest and show up the data that you have entered before on this website or any other government websites in order to speed up the processes you are performing on such websites and save your time when entering a data that you have submitted before.
It must be taken into consideration that the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority is only responsible for protecting your personal information saved in its official website, and not responsible for the information provided in any other websites linked to the authority.  
For the purposes of protecting your personal information, we ensure you that the electronic means of data storing and publishing are secured using adequate security and privacy technicians.

Terms of Usage: 

The Civil Aviation Authority endeavour, through its website to enable its clients and visitors of the website to obtain, download, and use the materials uploaded to the website for personal and non-commercial purposes, and as per the terms of usage of the website.
Therefore, you need to read and review the terms and conditions stated below carefully. As using or visiting this website shall be deemed an acceptance of and agreement on from you on the conditions and terms stipulated by the Civil Aviation Authority on this website from time to time.  In case you disagree with these terms and conditions, you are kindly required to stop using the website.  

  • Use of this website is permitted only for legitimate purposes in a manner that does not violate the law or any rights or restrictions stated for the usage of this website. 
  • Visitors and users of the website are allowed to obtain and download information uploaded to the website, taking into account that the user refers to Civil Aviation Authority's website as a source for this information.  
  • Terms and conditions of using Civil Aviation Authority's website are applied to all users and visitors of the website. In case any user violated these terms and conditions or in case grounds proving that any user has violated these terms and conditions are provided, the concerned user may be refrained from and prohibited to use the website anymore.  
  • Website users are prohibited to violate or attempt to violate the procedures and systems that are applied for protecting the website, including without limitation: 

  • Obtaining data and information that are not intended to be available for this user or accessing a restricted system on the website. 
  •  Attempting to interfere with the service provided on the website to any user, host or network, including, for example, infecting the website with a virus, uploading excessively, sending promoting messages through the website, spamming or destroying the website. 
  • Attempting to test, scan, or check the vulnerability of hacking any system or infrastructure network of the Civil Aviation Authority website. 
  • Exploiting the Civil Aviation Authority website, by any means, to send an Email through the website and on behalf of the Authority, or through referring to it and impersonating the name of the website, in a way that defames or harms the reputation of the Civil Aviation Authority, website, or any other person. Additionally, it is prohibited to use the site for announcing false and incorrect news and information in the name of the Civil Aviation Authority without a right or permission. 
  • This website may contain advice and opinions from various providers of information and content. Accordingly, the Civil Aviation Authority does not acknowledge or authenticate the accuracy or reliability of any advice, opinion or statement stated on its website or any other information provided by any of them. The user shall be fully responsible for relying on such opinions and information. 

Any user that violates or breaches any of the aforementioned conditions will be subject to legal proceedings and prosecution.