New travel agency and air forwarding procedures

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Procedures and requirements for opening new Travel Agency:

  1. Submit application addressed to the Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority requesting opening of Travel or Cargo Agency for approval. The applicant must undertake to comply with all required provisions in his application.
  2. The Civil Aviation Authority shall provide the applicant with an initial approval directed to the Commercial affairs department at the Ministry of Business and Trade provided that,the applicant starts his activities within three months of the date of issuing the said initial approval letter.
  3. The CAA shall provide the applicant with a manual including rules and regulations organizing activities of TA to comply with.
  4. The applicant shall provide the CAA with the following document: a - photo copy of the commercial registration
    b - photo copy of the municipality license
    c - photo copy of the owner identification card
    d - photo copy of the office rent contract
    e - an open period bank guarantee of QR.200000(two hundred thousand Qatari Riyal)
    f - list of employed staff
    g - issuance fees of QR.10000(ten thousand Qatari Riyal)
  5. Issue of the license and perform business with in the above mentioned three months period.
  6. Insure the starts of business with full compliance to the stated provisions through inspections visit by TA inspectors.
  7. Office license is valid for one year only and renewable annually as follows: a - Pay a renewal fees of QR.5000(five thousand Qatari Riyal) for the main office.
    b - pay a renewal fees of QR.2500(two thousand five hundred Qatari Riyal) for each branch.


A prior approval from CAA is required before opening new branch, branches or relocates the main office. To obtain the said approval owner of a TA must address the CAA with an application including:

  1. Copy of the new commercial registration.
  2. Copy of municipality license for the new branch.The CAA approval shall be provided by issuing a no objection letter directed to the Commercial Affairs Department at the Ministry of business and Trade. The new branch shall bear the same number of the main license.