Travel Agencies

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Air Transport and Airport Affairs Department (ATAAD)


Competency of TAS:

  1. Verifications of complaints and disapprovals of Travel Agencies (TA) Air transport Tariffs. Control manipulations and coordinate with competent CAA bodies in collecting financial penalties according to national and international laws organizing Air transport activities.
  2. Verify and study nationals and expatriates complaints against TA. Evaluate those complaints and solve them.
  3. Study and give view on applications pertaining to opening, managing or exploiting of TA.
  4. Verify and evaluate Authorization applications after fulfilling the requirement for granting legal Authorization.
  5. Issue TA licenses and receiving commencing activities notifications.
  6. Follow up current licenses, issuing renewal notifications for expired licenses and insure compliance with renewal requirements.
  7. Prepare special registration book for classifications and categorizations of TA according to applicable legal provisions.
  8. To take decision on advertisement or publications in the means of all media and supervising all publications issued by TA.
  9. Supervising TA operations and activities. Inspecting their records and documents and insure their compliance with the rules and regulations. Issuing of violations notice if any.
  10. Study the status of TA in the State of Qatar. Evaluate their activities, performance and assist them in improving their services.