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External Scholarship

Out of conviction that Qatar civil aviation authority, as a gateway to the state of Qatar should be Qatari in body and soul, civil aviation authority has decided to create Qatari cadre qualified to work in all fields of the civil aviation authority and the new Doha international airport, via sending abroad and locally, male and female Qatari individuals to study the varied aviation science, in the best of international universities, based on the recommendation of sending the distinguished secondary school graduates, to acquire bachelors degrees and encourage the authority’s staff via external scholarship to complete their university study and obtain bachelor’s degrees or complete their higher studies , with the objective of providing the qualified human resources to be employed in the civil aviation authority and the new Doha international airport, each in his field of study.
There are some conditions for those who are willing to join the scholarship program in the civil aviation authority.

Mandatory requirements to be met by the authority’s staff
1. Applicant should be a Qatari national.
2. Has to produce a letter of sanction from the managing director of his department consenting to his nomination to complete his study.
3. Major should be relevant to the same job being performed in order to fulfill the future needs of work.
4. Applicant should continue working with civil aviation authority after graduation twice the period of the study.
5. Length of service with civil aviation authority should not be less than 3 years for candidates seeking bachelor’s degree.
6. Length of service with civil aviation authority should not be less than 5years for candidates seeking higher studies.
7. Candidates who seek bachelor’s degree , Should be holding secondary school certificate
8 Candidates who seek Master’s degree should be holding a Bachelor’s Degree.
9 Employment Assessment for the applicant should not be less than very good in the last two years.

Requirements to be met with the applicants of the secondary school graduates:

    1. The applicant must be (Male / Female) Qatari citizen.
    2. Graduate of the General Certificate of Secondary Education for the year 2012-2013
    3. Graduate of the General Certificate of Secondary Education at a rate not less than 80%.
    4. The applicant should have (IELTS), including at least Total (5.0) points
    5. Max age of the applicant at the age of 22.
    6. Passing personal interview.
    7. Pass the medical examination.
    8. CID clearance.

Majors Recommended for applicants:


Fire ScienceStatistical Climatology
Airport SecurityForecasts and Analysis
Management Information SystemFire Engineering

Computer Science 

Electronic Engineering
Air LawElectrical Engineering
LawMechanical Engineering
OceanographyCommunication and Network Engineering
Environment of ScienceComputer Engineering
ClimatologyAirport Engineering
 AstrophysicsAir Transport Statics
 MeteorologyAir Transport Economics

Universities abroad will be chosen in accordance with its classifications and level in the country of study so as not to be less than (good) as for the university and the major sent for.Other majors will be proposed in the future pursuant to civil aviation authority’s needs .

• For external scholarship seekers
Click here for the application form for scholarship

Required documents when submitting application:
1. Filling in the scholarship application form
2. Secondary school certificate.
3. Copy of applicant’s passport.
4. Copy of applicant’s ID card.
5. Copy of guardian’s ID card.
6. (4) Personal photographs.
7. Copy of English Language Test (IELTS) or any other test available.

For further queries:
kindly contact on:

Phone number: 44557444
Fax: 44557440

E-mail: scholarships@caa.gov.qa