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The main purpose of the QCAA- Training &Development Section is to let the QCAA employees meet with the latest updates & developments, each in his own relative business to be able to efficiently and successfully implement the QCAA Strategy and policies.

The Training and Development programs aims to provide the opportunities for all the citizens and the QCAA staff to develop their professional and practical skills in order to open the door and to let them have the highest appropriate jobs on the basis of the QCAA plans and systems of replacement.

One of the main objectives of the Training & Development Section is promoting the expertise & qualifications of all the QCAA employees which obtained through providing with the latest job knowledge and skills so the QCAA Manpower will persevere in work at a highest level of job skills in order to meet the job requirements. This reflects the QCAA policy & strategy to attract and hire the best staff and maintain them.

The overall Objective:

It is The effective investment of a trained and qualified manpower required for the QCAA careers. One side comes through implementing an integrated programme concerning the process of training and developing the QCAA staff in order to promote them within their careers. The other side shows the academic methods of job assessment, motivation, development, training and in order to promote & update the job qualifications of the QCAA staff.

Functions of the Training & Development Section:

  1. Specify all the Future Training Requirements in support of all the QCAA departments, Sections and Units in addition to Control the time phase and adopting the practical measures in order to meet those requirements.
  2. Set the vital plans & Programs intended for accomplishing the Section Objectives and organizing the section task performance.
  3. Prepare the annual plans of the QCAA -Training &Development section & provide with Periodical Reports on the section Activities & Achievements.
  4. Proposing all the plans, methods and procedures of Qatarization as well scheduling.
  5. Organizing the QCAA training processes of all the employees to improve their job abilities, skills & level of performance.
  6. Provide Training opportunities for all the QCAA Staff according to the needs & requirements of their departments which is processing in coordination with the QCAA employees themselves, regarding to the training programs whether they will be taken inside or outside the home country (Qatar). As this process is usually organized through International Organizations and Agencies all over the world.
  7. Making major training courses to rehabilitate the newly recruited staff with aiming to develop their business abilities.
  8. Coordinating with Educational Agencies and Institutions to provide foreign languages courses for the QCAA staff.
  9. Preparing scholarship plans in favor of the QCAA staff, Qatari students holding high school certificates in order to achieve the needs of the qualified and well trained staff.
  10. Organizing the scholarship processing for both of the QCAA staff & the Qatari students whether to accredited Arab or foreign universities in conformity with the approved plan of scholarships, the determined procedures and rules of scholarships.
  11. Taking a high attention and care of scholars and assigned QCAA staff and students whom are on a mission of training or study courses then adjusting their situations and preparing reports on their study or training performances.
  12. Any other functions assigned to the Training & Development section which will be linked to its previous Functions.