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With an Arabic coffee pot and dates, Qatar welcomes its guests coming from all over the world seeking world-class relaxation and leisure spots. The State of Qatar has become a tourist attraction competing with regional and world tourist destinations, thanks to well-managed natural scenes from beach to desert, sunny weather, and exciting organized desert sports and activities that attract amateurs and tourists from around the world. Visitors can enjoy luxury hotels and spas, providing high quality services, traditional, classic, and other cuisines to satisfy all tastes. Human tradition, hospitality, and warm welcome strike visitors everywhere in Qatar. The country has turned into a global hub of world’s finest events thanks to its strategic location as a meeting point of civilizations. In addition to large shopping malls, various sporting activities, and heritage sites that make the visitor spend unforgettable times.



The State of Qatar has witnessed an enormous progress in economy, sports, politics, and many other fields which prompted the state to build sophisticated hotels for the tourist to have free choice between the best luxury hotels providing high quality services and meeting all tastes.


Historical monuments

Heritage and tradition have always been the basic features of building civil society and social life of mankind. For this reason, the State of Qatar endeavors to preserve its Arab and Islamic identity in all fields. In every corner of Qatar, the blend between modernism and heritage amaze visitors, so there is a constant effort to revive Qatar heritage by means of restoring traditional markets(souks) and museums which have as well preserved Qatar most significant historic artifacts and monuments.

To preserve its cultural heritage, Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development was established under  the patronage of its Chairperson, Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, with a view to revive the meaning of national heritage.

Due to its location on the coast, the people of Qatar used to work in: pearl diving and hunting, fishing baskets making, shipbuilding, Al sadu weaving, goldsmithing, but such industries have retreated because of oil discovery.