Airport Services Affairs

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Competency of Airport Services Affairs Section:

  1. Supervising the application of international standard and recommended practice (SARP) for safety systems management according to airport certification manual for technical staff machinery and motor vehicles inside the Apron and Aircraft parking.
  2. To monitor the performance level of government agencies operating at the airport such as customs , Passport , security and health to pass recommendations and proposals on their performance , experience of their staff , machinery used and the proportionality of the provided services with the number of flights.
  3. To Evaluate the performance and level of services according to the operation manual of airline companies for ground services and their compliance with safety and security standards.
  4. Follow up and monitor the implementation of ICAO recommendations specified in Annex IX "facilities" pertaining to arrangements, procedures of entry and departure of aircraft, entry and departure of persons, their luggage, entry and departure of cargo and other materials, facilities and services pertaining to the traffic in the airport.
  5. Follow up and monitor the implementation of ICAO recommendations pertaining to domestic airport as stated in Annex XIV of the "international standards" for construction operations, infrastructure and airport facilities.
  6. Control Areas included in the airport obstacle limitation surface "Zoning Ordinance" to examine authorization request to introduce changes or modifications.
  7. To monitor staff affiliates to govt.bodies (immigration, customs , public security, health and agricultural quarantine) when conducting A/C inspection.
  8. Participation in any committees activities at airport levels (Facilities - security - safety).
  9. Adoption of the National programme for facilities and to study the recommendations of Qatar National Committee on any problems they face and how to solve them.
  10. Coordination with the state competent authorities in making and approving national programme of civil aviation security.
  11. Follow up and monitor the implementation of the ICAO recommendations on security, preventing of unlawful interference act, as stipulated in "Annex VII" measures and detailed guidance on civil aviation security whether at the airport traffic area or adjacent area, security inspection of Aircraft, people, baggage, cargo and other materials.Cooperation between security bodies, training programmes, other states in research and development equipment, emergency plans in place, required engineering specifications when construct infrastructure and new facilities.
  12. Issuance of airport permits for staff, vehicles ,equipment ,staff vehicles ,services and construction companies.
  13. Contribute in preparation of terms and conditions required for operations and security agencies.
  14. Coordination with security authorities and other competent bodies to take security preventive and applying of emergency plans and training thereof.
  15. To propose training programmes to improve staff performance.
  16. Supervise rules and security measures conducted at the airport by airline companies and other airport services provider. To pass recommendation to solve any violation with immediate effect.
  17. To supervise all companies operating at the airport and local employees. Ensure that they are abidance to the law, local and international regulation.
  18. Control abandoned baggage at the airport and take preventive steps in coordination with the competent authorities.