Safety Regulations

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- Safety Regulations
Unmanned Aircraft Systems 
QCAR 005-2017 on Unmanned Aircraft SystemsRead
Comment Response Document RSRP 005-01 UASRead
Occurrence Reporting 
QCAR 004-2017 on Occurrence ReportingRead
Flight Operations Section
QCAR - OPS 1 - Commercial Air Transport (Aeroplanes)Read
QCAR - OPS 2 - General Operating and Flight RulesRead
QCAR - OPS 3 - Commercial Air Transport (Helicopters)Read
QCAR Part 13 – Accident and Incident InvestigationsRead
QCAR – M EL - Minimum Equipment ListRead
QCAR Part 11 – Rule Making and Grants ExemptionsRead
Airworthiness Section
QCAR No. 1001/2006Read
QCAR No. 1002/2006Read
QCAR No. 1003/2006Read
Advisory Circular SSP 01-14Read 
QCAR 19 (Section A)Read
QCAR 19 (Section B)Read
QCAR 19 (Section C)Read
Licensing Section
QCAR - FCL 1 – Flight Crew Licensing (Aeroplanes)Read
QCAR - FCL 2 - Flight Crew Licensing (Helicopters)Read
QCAR - MED – Medical CertificationRead
QCAR – ATCL – Air Traffic Controller LicensingRead
Local Air Law (A) Exam Reference BookRead
Aerodrome Regulations
Air Traffic Services
Air Traffic ServicesRead
QCAR-Part 3Read
QCAR-Part 4Read
QCAR-Part 10 Volume 1Read
QCAR-Part 10 Volume 2Read
QCAR-Part 10 Volume 3Read
QCAR-Part 10 Volume 4Read
QCAR-Part 10 Volume 5Read
QCAR-Part 15Read
ANS Inspectorate ManualRead