Rescue and Firefighting

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  1. Monitoring aircraft operations 24/7,in the :approach landing, take off, park and movement areas.
  2. Ensuring the availability and the usage of the equipment and extinguishing media in the airports accords to the ICAO requirements.
  3. Preparing and conducting station and daily training in accordance to the written training programs.
  4. Adopt and follow-up the fire prevention and protection procedures in the existing and new airport premises from the phase of architectural drawing, state the technical recommendation about the same, and report the outcomes to the concerned authority.
  5. Supervising the daily and periodical hazardous maintenance works such as: (welding-cutting by the usage of oxygen gas), aircraft engine test run, fueling with passengers on board and undertaking all the necessary action.
  6. Standby and respond to all types of emergency as detailed in Doha International Airport Emergency Order.
  7. Conducting an emergency exercise in compliance with the International standards.
  8. Reporting to air traffic control any changes in the level of the fire protection and rescue, when it is required to do so.
  9. Undertaking aircraft fire fighting and rescue duties within the airport boundary and off the airport up to certain limit.
  10. Training and developing of the fire section employees through internal and external training courses in coordination with the concerned authority.
  11. Undertaking buildings and other airport premises inspections, reporting the fire fighting systems outcomes regarding the re-serviceability and efficiency.
  12. Undertaking the necessary for the fire fighting equipment to ensure its serviceability and readiness for use.