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Flight Operations Section
ASD-OPS-FORM-MEL-4-AOC  MEL Compliance DocumentRead
ASD-OPS-APP-VAR-6-AOC - AOC Renewal or Variation Application FormRead
ASD-OPS-APP-NAV-8-AOC - Navigation Approvals - RVSM - NAT HLA - RNP 10 - RN-P 4Read
ASD-OPS-APP-9-AOC - AOC Application FormRead
ASD-OPS-CHKLST-EFB-11-AOC - Operational Approval EFB ChecklistRead
ASD-OPS-APP-ETOPS-15-AOC - Application for Extended Operations (ETOPS) Operational ApprovalRead
ASD-OPS-APP-NPA-18-DOCS - Operations Manual Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) Application FormRead
ASD-OPS-APP-PRNAV-22-AOC - Application for P-RNAV(RNAV 1) RNP 1 - Operational Approval or RenewalRead
ASD-OPS-APP-MGMT-44-AOC - Form 4 - Management Personnel - Air Operator CertificationRead
ASD-OPS-APP-DG-45 - Application for Specific Approval to Transport Dangerous Goods by AirRead
ASD-OPS-APP-DG-46 - Application for Approval of Dangerous Goods Training ProgrammesRead
ASD-OPS-APP-DG-47 - Application for Approval or Exemption to Carry Dangerous Goods under Special CircumstancesRead
ASD-OPS-FORM-HEMS-HHO-61-SPA - Application Form for SPA - HHO, HEMS, NVISRead
ASD-OPS-APP-65-NCC - NCC Declaration FormRead
ASD-OPS-FORM-67-GEN Section 3 Operator ResponseRead
ASD-OPS-APP-EFB-70-SPA Application for SPA - EFBRead
ASD-OPS-APP-AW-71-BAL - Application for Operation of Tethered BallonsRead
ASD.OPS.FRM.LVO.221a - Application for Low Visibility Operations Approval (LVO)Read
FOD.F.801a - FSTD Application Form for User ApprovalRead
FOD.OAF.110 - Permission - Exemption Request for AOC HoldersRead
FOD.OAF.208 - Leasing of AircraftRead
FOD.OAF.307 - Permission For Fireworks DisplayRead
FOD.OAF.317a - Flying Display Application FormRead
FOD.OAF.317b - Display Pilot Application FormRead
FOD.OAF.317d - Parachuting Permission Application FromRead
FOD.OAF.317e - Aviation Recreation Organisations - Certification Application FormRead
POPS Assessment FormRead
RNP Approach Application FormRead
UAS/ Drones
ASD.OPS.FRM.UAS.001 - UAS Registration Form Rev 01Read
  “For UAS – recreational use, please contact R/C Sport Centre ( +974-70159779, wirelesssport@mcs.gov.qa) to guide you through the process.” 
ASD.OPS.FRM.UAS.002 - Application Form for Authorisation of UAS Rev 01Read
Airworthiness Section
Form AIR1003 - 145 Iss 1 -QCAR 1003/2006 Annex II (Part-145) Compliance ChecklistRead
Form AIR1003 - 147 Iss 1 -QCAR 1003/2006 Annex IV (Part-147) Compliance ChecklistRead
Form AIR1003 - MF Iss 1 -QCAR 1003/2006 Annex I (Part-M) Subpart F Compliance ChecklistRead
Form AIR1003 - MG Iss 1 -QCAR 1003/2006 Annex I (Part-M) Subpart G Compliance ChecklistRead
Form AIR-Part CAT Subpart D Iss 1 -Compliance and Verification Checklist on Part CAT Subpart D - Instrument, Data and Equipment of QCAR 002 Air OpsRead
Form AIR-Part NCC Subpart D Iss 1 -Compliance and Verification Checklist on Part NCC Subpart D - Instrument, Data and Equipment of QCAR 002 Air OpsRead
Form AIR-Part NCO Subpart D Iss 1 -Compliance and Verification Checklist on Part NCO Subpart D - Instrument, Data and Equipment of QCAR 002 Air OpsRead
Form AIR-Part SPO Subpart D Iss 1 -Compliance and Verification Checklist on Part SPO Subpart D - Instrument, Data and Equipment of QCAR 002 Air OpsRead
QCAA Form 1011 -s.2017 - Declaration of RVSM CapabilityRead
QCAA Form 101ARC -Issue 1 s.2017 - Application for the Issue of Airworthiness Review Certificate (QCAA Form 15a)Read
QCAA Form 981A -s.2017 - Application for Approval of a Maintenance Programme (Initial issue or Amendment)Read
QCAA Form 981C -AMP ChecklistRead
QCAA Form Reg 01 - Issue 1 s.2017 - Application for Registration of AircraftRead
QCAA Form 2 -s.2016 - Application for Part 145, Part M Subpart G & Subpart F ApprovalRead
QCAA Form AIR 2 -Issue 2 s.2017 - Application for the Issue of Airworthiness CertificateRead
QCAA Form 4 -Issue 3 s.2016 - Application of Senior Post Holder for QCAA AcceptanceRead
QCAA Form AIR 5 - Application for the Issue of Noise CertificateRead
QCAA Form 12 -s.2016 - Application for Part 147 Initial/Change of ApprovalRead
QCAA Form 16 -Foreign Aircraft Maintenance Organization Application Initial, Continuation, Amendment of Certificate of AcceptanceRead
QCAA Form 19 -Application for Initial, Variation, Continuity of Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance LicenceRead
QCAA Form 21 -Issue 1 s.2017 - Application for the Issue of QCAA Permit to Fly Due to Modification or MaintenanceRead
QCAA Form 29 -Issue 1 - Application for the Issue of Export Certificate of AirworthinessRead
Administrative / Requests
QCAA PEL Form No. 007  - Request form 
QCAA PEL Form No. 010B - Request for QCAA Reference Number 
QCAA PEL Form No. 017  - Replacement of Lost/Damaged/Destroyed Licence 
FRM.ATO.002 - Application for Part-ORA ATO Approval/Changes to Approval 
FRM.ATO.003 - ATO Cross Reference Form V1.0 
FRM.ATO.004 - ATO Nominate or Responsible Person Acceptance V1.0 
FRM.ATO.005 - ATO Operations Manual compliance V1.0 
FRM.ATO.006 - ATO Training Manual compliance V1.0 
FRM.ATO.007 - ATO Organisation Management Manual Compliance V1.0 
FRM.ATO.008 - ATO Compliance Management Manual Compliance V1.0 
FRM.ATO.009 - ATO Safety Management Manual Compliance V1.0 
Theoretical Examinations
QCAA PEL Form No. 001A - QCAA Theoretical Knowlege Demonstration 
QCAA PEL Form No. 001B - ATPL/MPL Theoretical Knowledge Examination 
QCAA PEL Form No. 001C - PPL(A) Theoretical Knowledge Examination 
FRM.LIC.031 -Request to Release Licence Information 
QCAA PEL Form No. 008 – Licence Application Signature Form 
QCAA PEL Form No. 026  - Skill Test Booking 
Validations and Conversions
FRM.LIC.012 - Application for Validation of Licence 
FRM.LIC.013 - Application for Conversion of PPL V1.1 
FRM.LIC.014 - Application for Conversion of CPL V1.1 
FRM.LIC.015 - Application for Conversion of MPL V1.1 
FRM.LIC.025 - Application for Conversion of ATPL V1.1 
Flight Examinations - Aeroplane
FRM.LIC.002 - PPL(A) Skill Test 
FRM.LIC.003 - CPL(A) Skill Test 
FRM.LIC.004 - IR(A) Skill Test 
FRM.LIC.005 ATPL(A) Skill Test _ PC MPA 
FRM.LIC.006 MPL(A) Application and Skill Test Form 
FRM.LIC.039 - Class Type Rating SPA Except for HPCA ST PC V1.0 
FRM.LIC.041 - MPA Type Rating Skill Test (LST) 
QCAA PEL Form No. 008D - Multi-crew Pilot Licence 
QCAA PEL Form No. 154A - LST LPC Type Rating and Training on MPA 
QCAA PEL Form No. 154B - ATPL(A) Skill Test 
QCAA PEL Form No. 026B - IR(A) ME Skill Test Request Form 
QCAA PEL Form No. 157 - Report Form for the IR(A) Skill Test 
QCAA PEL Form No. 158 - Report form for the PPL(A) Skill Test 
QCAA PEL Form No. 163 - Report form for the CPL(A) Skill Test 
QCAA PEL Form No. 165  - Class/Type-Rating/Training Skill Test and Proficiency Check (Licence Conversion/Upgrade) 
QCAA PEL Form No. 166 - Class/Type-Rating/Training Skill Test and Proficiency Check_ SE & ME SPA 
Flight Examinations - Helicopter
FRM.LIC.007 - SPH or MPH Type Rating Skill Test 
FRM.LIC.009 - ATPL(H) Skill Test V1.1 
FRM.LIC.011 - SPH or MPH Proficiency Check V1.1 
QCAA PEL Form No. 154H - LST LPC Type Rating and Training on MPH 
FRM.LIC.026 - Initial Instructor Certificate Application [FI_IRI_CRI_STI_MCCI] 
FRM.LIC.027 - Initial Instructor Certificate Application - TRI_SFI 
FRM.LIC.028 - Application for Instructor Extension of Privileges 
FRM.LIC.029 - Instructor Application for Revalidation or Renewal 
QCAA PEL Form No. 005B - TRI, SFI & MCCI ratings 
QCAA PEL Form No. 005C - Revalidation of TRI/SFI 
QCAA PEL Form No. 171  - FI(A) Report Form 
FRM.LIC.016 - Initial Application for Examiner Certificate 
FRM.LIC.017 - Application for extension of privileges on Examiner Certificate 
FRM.LIC.018 - Application for Renewal and Revalidation of Examiner Certificate 
FRM.LIC.021 - Practical training log of Examiner standardization course 
FRM.LIC.022 - Examiner Assessment of Competence 
FRM.LIC.024 - Acceptance of QCAA Examiner Certificate 
QCAA PEL Form No. 008C - ATC Licence 
QCAA PEL Form No. 011  - ATPL Integrated Course Completion Form 
QCAA PEL Form No. 026C - CPL(A) Skill Test Request Form 
QCAA PEL Form No. 026D - PPL(A) Skill Test Request form_ Full PPL Course 
QCAA PEL Form No. 056  - English Language Proficiency Renewal 
QCAA PEL Form No. 167 - Mandatory Notification of Check/Test Failure (ATOs) 
QCAA PEL Form No. 172 - QCAA Skill Test Cancellation 
QCAA PEL Form No. 173 - SEP Class Rating revalidation by experience 
FRM.MED.002 - Application form for Medical certificate 
FRM.MED.003 - Medical Examination Report for Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Applicants 
FRM.MED.004 - Ophthalmology Examination Report 
FRM.MED.005 - Otorhinolaryngology Examination Report 
FRM.MED.006 - Medical Certificate 
FRM.MED.012 - Application Form for Approval of Aeromedical Centre (AeMC) 
QCAA PEL Form No. 006  - Appointment or Re-Appointment as Authorised Medical Examiner 
Other Forms
OF-018- Notice of Proposed Construction