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The Network department specializes in the following:

  • Drawing up the technical specifications for all the devices and systems operating in the forecast authority.
  • Installing, operating, maintaining and developing the traditional and automatic forecast devices, communication devices, network and systems in the authority.
  • Exchanging information and findings of the domestic, regional and international forecast.
  • Working on setting up communication lines and local, regional and international networks and secure the wired and wireless and required frequencies to receive and send the information and the forecast results.
  • Participating in the implementation of the various programs and projects related to the international organizations of the weather forecast through organized programs and technical committees and the relevant working groups, related to the receiving and transmission systems and gathering and distribution information and the forecast networks and devices and its techniques.
  • Representing the country and participating in the international conferences and meetings related to the devices and communications and the special forecast networks.
  • Drawing up the yearly training plan and the courses related to the networks and forecast stations field.
  • Training and developing the department employees and encouraging the local members to work in the different fields of the weather forecast networks in coordination with the concerned training authority.