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  1. Meteorology began in Qatar as observations of some of the weather elements at the beginning of last century, beside some information through oil companies in Dukhan area (SHELL COMPANY) and also from ships and oil rigs in the Arabian Gulf but not regularly. The earliest register of weather was found around 1949.
  2. Official and Regular observing and recording of weather elements started in 1962 with the establishment of Doha airport observing station near the Airport old Tower, before moving to its present location near the end of the runway by 1972.
  3. In 1971 IAL Company started its work at Doha airport , and AMCOS company for Marine Meteorology.
  4. IAL continued as a contracter with Qatar government for Meteorology aspects (Observation and Forecasting ) till 1982 , when the department of Meteorology was established under the Ministry of Transport and Communications taking administrative responsibilities only. AMCOS continued to run in the Marine Section till 1948, when it was replaced by IAL.
  5. In 1988 the contract with IAL was terminated and all the responsibilities of Meteorology ( observing , marine and Aviation forecasting ) where allocated to the Meteorological Department.
  6. In 2000 the Meteorological Department emerged with civil Aviation Under the civil Aviation Authority after the cancellation of the Ministry of transport and Communication.
  7. State of Qatar became a member of the world Meteorological Organization (WMO) in 4/4/1975 and member of the Permanent Committee for Meteorology in the Arab league Later.
  8. In 2005 the Meteorological Department started a project for modernizing and upgrading of Meteorological instruments and facilities with the MFI (Meteo France International). Now the Meteorology Department has 4 manned stations in (Doha , Alkor ,Ruwais and Umsaeed) , 9 Automatic Stations and one upper air Station at Doha International Airport.