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Thanks to the openness of the media and the Information Technology Revolution, Qatar stood out in international media. Qatar has continued to progress and be the top in audio, print, and visual media. Since Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani abolished press censorship, Qatari journalists could express their opinions openly and freely.


The Qatari media has acquired local and global prominence after launching Al-Jazeera channel in 1996 under the slogan: 'the opinion and the other opinion'. Al-Jazeera aims to reveal the truth and abide by the principles of professional conduct. Such development includes the addition of new satellite TV channels and expansion in radio broadcasting. Qatar has as well entered the world of satellites as it launched its first satellite Es’hail I into space, while Es’hail II is scheduled for launch in 2016. Such initiatives are within the framework of the constant development of the telecommunications sector in the region, which will provide advanced services in terms of independent broadcasting, high quality services, and wider coverage.