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The Personnel Licensing Section of the Air Safety Department is authorized by State of Qatar Act 16 of 2001 to issue licences and associated ratings, validations and authorizations, subject to the Authority being satisfied that an applicant is fit and appropriately qualified to hold the licence, rating, validation or authorization concerned, and is appropriately qualified to act in the capacity to which the licence, rating, validation, or authorization relates.

Requirements for aviation personnel licences in Qatar are provided in Qatar Civil Aviation Regulations QCAR-FCL 1 (Aeroplanes); QCAR-FCL 2 (Helicopters); QCAR-ATCL (Air Traffic Control); and QCAR-MED (Medical requirements) and associated guidance material, procedures and forms. These requirements are in compliance with ICAO Annex 1 Standards and Recommended Practices and other guidance material related to the issue of licences.

The functions of the Personnel Licensing Section are the following:

  1. The assessment and approval of applications for aviation personnel licenses and ratings, including the application of medical fitness assessments relating to licence requirements;
  2. Organizing, setting up, conducting and marking of all required theoretical examination, and arranging flight testing of flight crew and/or practical test as appropriate for licenses and ratings for aviation personnel;
  3. The issue of aviation personnel licenses and ratings; in accordance with the local and international requirements;
  4. Validation of aviation personnel licenses issued by other ICAO contracting states.
  5. Drafting and proposing amendments to rules and regulations related to personnel licensing, and to make available personnel licensing regulations, explanatory pamphlets or information circular detailing requirements necessary for the issue of a licence, syllabi or recommended study material;
  6. The approval of flight schools and other training organisations associated with aviation personnel training and testing;
  7. The enforcement of laws and regulations related to aviation personnel licensing.