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Joint Services Department
The Joint Services Department (JSD)  is one of the core, indispensable administrative units to any given organization. In modern administration,  JSD does not only work to implement regulations, decisions and supply needs, but fulfills an array of activities due to its newly assigned roles as an essential element within the administrative development process, human resources development, strategic plans preparation, at the level of JSD supervisory body. 
In accordance with QCAA vision, development strategy and in response to the directives of the Chairman, JSD has endeavored to implement modern administrative standards based on the following principle: the development process is established according to a set of scientific concepts of administration impacting the administrative entity and bringing about a positive change, thus improving the functioning of the administration to fit with its objectives, to invest in human and financial resources with maximum efficiency, and to reach cost-effective and high quality results. 
In recent decades, Human Resources Development (HRD)  has occupied a major position at the level of states and organizations for its imminent importance and major impact on the ability of growth, prosperity, development, service quality and production improvement. HRD is mainly based  on preparing cadres, old and new, to occupy assigned positions, by means of training and provision of the necessary qualifying orientation programs.