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Flight Operations Information Leaflets (FOILs)
FOIL 01_17  Applicability of Non Commercial Air Operations with Complex Motor Powered Aircraft - Part-NCCRead
FOIL 02_17 Guidance to Developing an FTL SchemeRead
FOIL 02_15  Notification of a change to an AM or Nominated Post HolderRead
FOIL 03_15 RocketsRead
FOIL 01_14_Rev_01  RVSMRead
FOIL 02_14_Rev_01  Guidance Material for Certification and Oprs. of State Aircraft in MID RVSM AirspaceRead
FOIL 09_14  Safety Assessment of National Aircraft (SANA)Read
FOIL 10_14  Safety Assessment of Forign Aircraft (SAFA)Read
FOIL 01_12_Issue_01  Flight Simulator and other Synthetic Training Devices Approval RequirementsRead
FOIL 02_12_Issue_02  Cabin Crew fire and Smoke TrainingRead
FOIL 02_11  Aircraft Cabin Door - Exit Representative Training DevicesRead
FOIL 01_10  Polar OperationsRead
FOIL 02-09  ULR_March 2009 - Version2Read
FOIL 01_08  TRE_SFE Authorisation Final _publishedRead
FOIL 02_07_issue_02  Validity of Medical certificateRead
FOIL 03_07  Language Proficiency RequirementsRead
FOIL 04_07_Issue_02  Aircraft Lease ApplicationRead
FOIL 02_06_Issue_03  Approval of Dangerous Goods Training ProgrammeRead
FOIL 01_05  FTL VariationRead
FOIL 01_04  Use of Auto landRead
FOIL 02_04  Ice & other contaminantsRead
FOIL 03_04  Use of PEDRead
FOIL 04_04  Dangerous Goods transport by airRead
FOIL 01_03  ETOPSRead
FOIL 03_03  Training for securityRead
FOIL 04_03  ACAS TrainingRead
FOIL 05_ 03  Cabin Crew training proceduresRead
FOIL 06_03  CRM for cabin crewRead
FOIL 08_03  Training Aircraft MELRead
FOIL 00_02  Introduction of FOIL Publication - Issue No.02Read
FOIL 01_02  TCASRead
PEL Information Leaflets
 Administrative CircularRead
PEL Information Leaflet 1 - IntroductionRead
PEL Information Leaflet 8 - English Language RequirementsRead
PEL Information Leaflet 10 - Authentication of Foreign Licences & Verification of Qatar LicenceRead
PEL Information Leaflet 13 - Requirements & Procedures for Lost/Damaged/Destroyed LicenceRead
PEL Information Leaflet 14 - Ratings Certificate of Test CardRead
PEL Information Leaflet 18 - LST, LPC, Type Rating & Training on MPARead
PEL Information Leaflet 01/15 - ATPL(A) Skill Test Application Form 154BRead
PEL Information Leaflet 02/15 - Procedures for Validation & Conversion of MPL(A)Read
PEL Information Leaflet 01/17 - Authorised QCAA Aero-Medical Examiners (AMEs)Read
PEL Information Leaflet (PIL) 02/17 5 Phases ATO Certification ProcessRead
PEL Information Leaflet (PIL) 03/17 Approval_re-approval of Pilot Training OrganisationsRead
PEL Information Leaflet (PIL) 04/17 Approval Application Form for Issuance or Amendment the ATO CertificateRead
PEL Information Leaflet (PIL) 05/17 ATO Cross Reference FormRead
PEL Information Leaflet (PIL) 06/17 ATO Operations ManualRead
PEL Information Leaflet (PIL) 07/17 ATO Training ManualRead
PEL Information Leaflet (PIL) 08/17 ATO Organisation Management ManualRead
PEL Information Leaflet (PIL) 09/17 ATO Compliance Monitoring ManualRead
PEL Information Leaflet (PIL) 10/17 ATO Safety Management ManualRead
PEL Information Leaflet (PIL) 11/17 ATO Nominate or Responsible Person AcceptanceRead
PEL Information Leaflet (PIL) 12/17 ATO Prior Approval ChangeRead
PEL Information Leaflet (PIL) 13/17 Refresher training for renewal of ratingsRead
PEL Information Leaflet (PIL) 14/17 Recording of flight timeRead