General Services

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Functions of the General Services Section include:

  1. To work out plans, programs and arrangements for housekeeping and maintenance, as required.
  2. To direct and follow up all the signed contracts between CAA and companies as well as different enterprises.
  3. To provide the required services and follow up that the costs of these services are paid.
  4. To receive, sort out, record, and distribute inbox messages to all concerned departments; to record and register outbox messages; and save and send copies of correspondence as appropriate.
  5. To cater for the needs of QCAA and its various departments, including stationery and equipment, in collaboration with the Finance Division and other QCAA departments.
  6. To monitor electricity, water, air-conditioning, lights, and other services.
  7. To prepare and draft the tender documents including technical specification, terms and contracts. They are be studied by legal affairs before tendering. Then follow up of all stages during tender process till the issuance of the awarding letter and signature of the final contracts.