Forecasting and Analysis

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The forecast and analysis department specializes in the following:

  • Analyzing the aviation and weather forecast data and information to serve all activities related to the economic, industrial and agricultural development.
  • Monitoring and following up the dangerous weather conditions and releasing anticipations and warnings to take the necessary precautions to protect the lives and properties.
  • Issuing anticipations and providing weather forecast services for the civil aviation and navigation based on the international standards through the forecast center attached to the airport and connected to the international information network.
  • Providing anticipations and weather forecasts for the sea ports, that set the safe routes for the ships and anticipating the storm routes and the weather conditions in order to take the required measures and procedures.
  • Issuance sea anticipation in order to protect the sea environment and fishing and helping in the sea pollution combat in coordination with the concerned parties.
  • Issuing anticipations for oil prospecting and transportation of oil and gas.
  • Preparing studies, reports and providing recommendations and scientific advice related to the fluctuating weather conditions.
  • Issuing license for providing forecast service and weather anticipation for companies, local institutions and global institutions.
  • Permitting government authorities, corporations and institutions to access weather forecast and anticipation services and monitoring the service provided to them.
  • Cooperating and coordinating with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and its specialized committees, concerning the anticipation, analyzing and the results of the international centers for anticipation.
  • Following up the International Civil Aviation Organization affairs concerning the forecast services.
  • Representing the State and participating in the international conferences concerned with anticipation and analyzing.
  • Drawing up the yearly training plan and special forecast courses, training and developing the staff of the department and encouraging the national cadres to work in the different weather forecast fields in coordination with the training authority.