Flight Operations

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  1. Making recommendations for the issuance of AOC and the associated operations specifications, upon satisfactorily completing all required inspection, and ensuring all lack found during such inspections are rectified before the issuance of such certificate.
  2. To evaluate the technical requirements of AOC certification process and recommend any updates or developments required.
  3. Inspect and report upon all aspects of the operation of QCAA AOC holders to ensure its compliance with local and international laws and regulations and their operations manuals.
  4. Making recommendations concerning any special conditions that may, in the light of the investigation, need to be imposed and recommend any variations, addition or withdrawal of any of the operator’s operations specifications, if deemed necessary.
  5. Evaluate approval’s applications for training organisations involved in flight and cabin crews or other flight operations personnel, in accordance with the approved procedures, and carry out the required periodic inspections on their facilities.
  6. Evaluate operator’s operations manuals amendments and other associated manuals and approve its content if it complies with applicable rules and regulations.
  7. Participate in aircraft accident investigations committees and maintain the associated records and documents.
  8. Participate in meetings and committees associated with the section’s functions, within the organisation or with other parties.
  9. To evaluate and approve flight simulators for their use in the operator’s flight crew training.
  10. Evaluate applications for approval of transportation of dangerous goods by air in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations, and to issue such approvals, also, to evaluate all training providers conducting such training courses and issue proper approval.
  11. Draft and propose the amendment of rules and regulations related to flight operations, and to produce and make available Aircraft Operations regulations, explanatory pamphlets or information circulars detailing requirements necessary for the commercial operations of aircraft.
  12. To ensure the compliance with all applicable rule and regulation, and make recommendations concerning appropriate enforcement actions.