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Financial Affairs Section specializes in the following:

  • Implementing all the general and inventory accounts of the Council, book keeping and financial transactions, and preparing the financial statements and indicators based on the financial rules and procedures followed by the Council.
  • Revising the authorized expenditure as per items and procedures of releasing budget
  • Supervising implementation and the revenue and expenditure accounts, preparing the periodical reports on the financial activities and providing suggestions to develop them.
  • Determining the purchasing and yearly services needed for the Council and its different divisions, and placing the required specifications for it by coordinating with the financial services division, and the other concerned divisions, and working on placing the same in the Council's yearly budget.
  • Preparing the Council's yearly budget and its closing balances in coordination with the different divisions.
  • Carrying out all the purchasing procedures for materials, furniture, machines, tools, equipments and all the other needs of the council, and representing the council in the different tenders committees and bookkeeping the purchases account and suppliers' contracts.
  • Receiving all the samples and materials and storing them in a safe way, and tracking the movement of these samples and satisfying al the needs of the Council's departments, and bookkeeping all the necessary accounts for this matter.
  • Coordinating with all the auditing parties and especially with Council of Ministers, ministry of finance, and Accounting Bureau, on the rules and contracts and replying and inquiring about the notes of these authorities concerning the financial operations of the Council.
  • Bookkeeping all the accounts in accordance with the effective rules and procedures, and auditing all these accounts, in order to achieve an effective audit on the inventorial and expenditure operations.