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Primary education

Public education was established in the State of Qatar in 1952 and has evolved into an inclusive system covering the entire population, both sexes. State primary education includes national independent schools, international schools, community schools, and private schools. The educational policy in Qatar is based on preserving the teachings of Islam and committing to them. In an attempt to develop the educational system, Qatar created independent schools which are government funded schools using English to teach some school subjects and computer-based learning to keep up with modern technological advancements.

Qatar strives to opt for best teaching practices enabling students to meet the economic and social development needs.

Independent schools

The State of Qatar has launched its initiative of developing education under the slogan: “education for a new era”. In the 2004-2005 academic year, 12 independent schools opened in Qatar, and 21 more in 2005-2006. Thus independent schools spread throughout the country as an alternative to the old educational system.

Community schools

Follow the curriculum of the mother country to which a given community belongs, under the supervision of the Supreme education Council (SEC) in the State of Qatar. Such schools bridge the gap between children of expatriates and their homelands and students of one community may register for another community school.

International Schools

International schools in Qatar constitutes a large proportion of state (public) schools, adopts accredited international or national instructional materials, and includes school subjects such as Arabic language and Islamic studies( Islamic Education), and is subject to SEC regulations.

Higher Education

The State of Qatar encourages building private educational institutions and universities to provide high academic standards, promote excellence, meet the needs of the job market, and prepare qualified workforce that better serve Qatar National Vision 2030.

Institutes and training centers

Aware of the importance of sustainable development, intellectual and technological progress, Qatar has paved the way for a number of institutes and training centers to provide research services.