Communication Department

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The communication department specializes in the following:

  1. Receiving and sending all the incoming aviation telegraphs and distributing them directly to the concerned authorities.
  2. Following up the communication channels and exchanging all the information and aviation plans based on the internationally followed system.
  3. Liaising in distributing and exchanging all the letters and navigation telegraphs between the aviation authorities.
  4. Sending the aviation letters and weather forecast information to concerned parties inside and outside.
  5. Keeping abreast of all the corrections in the international civil aviation codes and working accordingly.
  6. Coordinating with all the aviation companies operating in the airport, and the networks related to SITA.
  7. Receiving and distributing all the aviation programs and landing permits for in coming and passing flights and referring the same to the concerned authorities.
  8. Full coordination in advance with the other departments with regard to the sent telegraphs and receiving and distributing the same at the right time.
  9. Coordinating with the other countries that deal with the communication department.
  10. Promptly reporting any technical failure in the aviation communication devices in other countries and resolving them in collaboration with these authorities.
  11. Recording all incoming and outgoing navigation messages in accordance with the international system.
  12. Formulating and implementing a development plan for the communication network wire.