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A Message from H.E Mr. Abdullah bin Nasser Turki Al-Subaey
Chairman of Civil Aviation Authority


Distinguished nations are governed by wise leaders who excel at planning, strategy development to build a clearly defined future ensuring safety, well-being and prosperity for future generations…

This is the case for the State of Qatar, which witnesses a full-fledged economic, social, cultural, and developmental system led by men who have dedicated all their efforts and abilities to serve the best interest of the country and its people; which has put the State of Qatar in the spotlight of the world as a whole.

In the light of the Qatar economic growth reaching 7% this year, supported by non-oil sectors, a bright new phase is looming. Qatar National Vision 2030 is outlined to achieve an economy based on vital productive sectors such as industry, construction and services ensuring stable sources of income for the State and sustainable development at various levels.

In QCAA, we are fully aware of the importance of the Civil Aviation sector and its role as a component of the Qatar economy providing possibilities to boosting the economic growth through creating employment opportunities, facilitating world trade, stimulating vital economic sectors such as tourism, trade, industry…etc. For such purposes, we are keen to commit to working within the framework of the State strategy and its short and long term plans, in line with Qatar National Vision 2030. Such commitment is through implementing programs and projects that ensure the achievement of human, economic, social, and environmental sustainable development, keeping up with the state trends and strategic projects to upgrade the civil aviation sector in terms of developing facilities, service quality, adopting expansion and openness policy by means of the documentation of relations with International Organizations in charge of aviation and airports affairs, joining all International Air Transport Charters, and signing bilateral agreements with various states at a regional and international scale.

The Civil Aviation Sector witnesses an unprecedented development thanks to the availability of all capabilities such as the necessary infrastructure, facilities and services. Since its opening last year, Hamad International Airport proved its ability to meet the requirements of the rapid growth in the numbers of passengers and freight currently and in the future, parallel with the upcoming various great events planned to be organized in the State of Qatar.

Such success includes the attainments of Qatar Airways as the top world airline, supported by a series of achievements at the level of operation, security, safety, service quality, and ensuring utmost comfort and luxury for passengers.

Qatar Airways managed to be one of the fastest growing world airlines with a huge fleet of 160 passenger and freight aircrafts, parallel with the expansion of its local network achieving 147 world destinations.

The Civil Aviation Authority in the State of Qatar contributes to make available all possibilities to support the growth and prosperity of the national carrier and open more routes to operate flights towards all international cities, through air transport agreements signed with all countries, which are now around 150 agreements.