Aviation Security Unit

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 The Aviation Security (AVSEC) unit of the QCAA is under the direct supervision of, and accountable to the Chairman of the QCAA. The AVSEC Unit is primarily responsible for the application of regulatory oversight activities in support of the National Civil Aviation Security Programme (NCASP) of the State of Qatar, the development and implementation of the National Civil Aviation Security Training Programme (NCASTP), and the National Civil Aviation Security Quality Control Programme (NCASQCP). These programmes require activities that include, but are not limited to, the performance of audits and inspections of aviation stakeholders within Qatar, or related to Qatar interests abroad, to ensure compliance with approved security programmes and current aviation security legislation of the State of Qatar.

AVSEC unit personnel are required to;

1. Develop, maintain and amend as appropriate existing national legislation, policies and procedures in the field of aviation security;

2. Ensure oversight and compliance with all AVSEC regulatory requirements from stakeholders in accordance with ICAO Annexes and national security programmes;

3. Conduct security surveys of facilities, operators and service providers that require the submission of security programmes in order to establish any inherent deficiencies existing that are in need of being addressed in the security programme;

4. Review security programmes received from stakeholders;

5. Coordinate the initial approval of the submitted security programme establishing the standards for compliance;

6. Periodically review all records of internal quality assurance activities carried out by security programme holders as part of their quality assurance system;

7. Conduct formal audits and inspections of security programme holders in accordance with an agreed schedule;

8. Conduct unannounced inspections of security programme holders to establish the status of compliance at the time of the inspection;

9. Conduct formal investigations of incidents or reported or observed breaches of the individual security programme holders procedures or approved security programme; and

10. Carry out any other aviation security related task assigned by the Chairman of the QCAA.