Airworthiness section

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The essential functions of the Airworthiness Section includes but not limited to :

  1. Evaluate application related to issuance and renewal of the Airworthiness Certificates and issue it in accordance with the published ICAO stands.
  2. Validate certificates of airworthiness issued by other ICAO contracting states.
  3. Inspect airworthiness validity of aircraft registered on the State; to ensure its airworthiness and the proper maintenance of all associated technical records.
  4. Evaluate application for the approval of maintenance organizations associated with the maintenance of aircraft registered in the State.
  5. Examine rule, regulations, directives, instructions and information issued by the state of Design/Manufacture, Manufacturers or other certification organization, to implement what considered appropriate to ensure the aviation safety.
  6. Participate in meetings and committees associated with the section’s functions, within the CAA organization or with other parties.
  7. Participate in aircraft accident investigations committees.
  8. Evaluate application for aircraft registrations in the State register, or the deregistration from such register, and the issuance of the related approvals, and conducting the periodic review of the State’s Register.