Airworthiness Notices (AWNs)

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Notice No.  
2.Airworthiness Standards of the State of QatarRead
3.Implementation Policy for QCAR-OPS 1 & 3 SubpartRead
4.Improved FM broadcast interference immunity standards for aircraft ILS (localizer), VOR and VHF communications receiversRead
5.Access to and opening of Type Ill and Type IV emergency exitsRead
6.Safety Critical Maintenance TasksRead
7.Acceptance of Foreign Maintenance Organizations as QCAA Approved Maintenance SourcesRead
8.Passenger Cabin, Safety, Evacuation and Fire Protection RequirementsRead
9.One-Off Authorization of Line Maintenance PersonnelRead
10.Aircraft External Damage MarkingRead
11.All Weather Operations – Maintenance RequirementsRead
12.Airworthiness Approval of GPS Equipment and Installations for use in IFR Supplemental Air Navigation SystemsRead
13.Occurrence ReportingRead
14.Minimum Equipment ListRead
15.Approval of modified seats and berthsRead
16.Aeronautical Products - Approved StandardsRead
17.Mandatory Modifications, Inspections and Time/Life LimitationsRead
18.International Aircraft Leasing ArrangementsRead
20.Non-compliance findings and actionsRead
21.Operator contracted maintenanceRead
22.Documents for continued airworthinessRead
24.Performance of Maintenance by Flight Crew MembersRead
25.Requirements for Computer Controlled RecordsRead
26.Special procedures to be followed by Operators in relation to operations outside the normal conditions of the MELRead
27.Extended Range with Two-Engine Aeroplanes (ETOPS) Maintenance RequirementsRead
28.Recognized qualifications for Non-destructive Testing of aircraft, engines, components and materialsRead
29.QCAR Part-66 – Transition ArrangementsRead
30.Recognition of Task/Type Training Courses of Type Certificate Holders and EASA Part-147 Maintenance Training OrganizationsRead
32.Conditional issue of C of R, C of A, ARC on imported aircraft for registeration and certification into the State of QatarRead