Airline Companies

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Competency of Airlines Section:

  1. Studding regular and charter flight schedules according to Air Transport Agreements concluded by the State of Qatar with other countries.
  2. Give approvals to changes in flight numbers and types of Aircraft inconformity with the rights granted under Air Transport Agreements.
  3. Examine Airlines request for temporary Air transport operations for privet and public flight after technically evaluated with the Department of Aviation Safety.
  4. Examination of complaints and objections pertaining to Air Transport Tariffs charged by Airline companies. Prevent tariffs manipulation; decide financial penalties and collecting them according to local and international laws organizing Air Transport activities.
  5. Supervise, control competition and achieve stable balance between Airline companies in the market place.
  6. Examine Air Transport Tariff and supervising their implementation after being approved.
  7. Examine and response to complaints filed by Qatari nationals and expatriates against Airlines operating in the state of Qatar.
  8. Prepare registration books for Airlines registered in Qatar and up dating their data.
  9. Prepare, issuing of studies and notifications pertaining to Airlines status.
  10. Examine requests of establishing and operating new airlines and response accordingly.
  11. Amendments of operating authorization and conveyance.
  12. Supervising national and foreign Airlines operating cargo services in the State of Qatar in compliance with the current rules and regulations.