Air Transport & Airport Affairs

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Air Transport and Airport Affairs Department (ATAAD):


Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA) is the sole governmental body responsible for setting air policies and supervising commercial air transport activities in the State of Qatar. One of the main objectives of QCAA is to achieve current and future national economic interest. To this end, QCAA has concluded a number of Air Transport Agreements with many countries. QCAA is also involved in supervising commercial agreements concluded by the national carriers as well as any commercial activities relating to aviation offered by those carriers. Aside from issuing Air Operator Certificate, supervising commercial air transport activities offered by national and foreign companies. ATAAD is the responsible body for regulating air transport market by granting approval of airlines summer and winter schedules, issue and renew Travel Agencies Licences. ATAA has recently updated Travel Agencies Law to fall in tune with the modern requirement and international standards. ATAA has created a new web site which facilitates dealing with statistical data and provides air transport information. The department issued a booklet including annual statistical data and other information pertaining to Air Transport Sector. ATAAD has also updated the systems adopted data concerning Air Transport Agreements to conform to the modern International and regional policies. Hamad International Airport is under the auspices of the ATAAD.

Our Mission: To regulate air travel market in the State of Qatar in a way that protects public and consumer interest in one hand and not to unduly harm the interest of airlines and travel agencies on the other hand by adopting rules and regulations that consider both. We focus in developing Air traffic to and from Qatar, providing the highest level of services, interest of Hamad International Airport, promoting tourism and all types of trade activities.

Future Plans:

  1. Updating Air Transport Laws and Regulations.
  2. Updating current Air Transport Agreements and concluding new agreements with other countries without neglecting the interest of both our National Carrier (Qatar Airways) and the State of Qatar.
  3. Adopting new methods or regulations to develop and promote Air Cargo Agencies to enable them to ply their vital role in our economy.
  4. Implementing a comprehensive training plan to train Qatari staff.
  5. Adopting open sky policy with other countries without affecting our local Air Transport Market.

ATAAD Comprises the following Sections:

  1. Air Transport Agreements and international Relation.
  2. Airlines Affairs.
  3. Travel Agencies Affairs.
  4. Airport Services Affairs.