Air Navigation

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Air Navigation department has the following authority:

  1. Regulate and manage Qatar airspace, pursuant to local, regional and international laws and regulations.
  2. Regulate and manage the wired and wireless telecommunication network.
  3. Participate in accident investigation committees.
  4. Maintain daily communication records.
  5. Establish air control, aviation communications systems’ development plans and upgrade their level.
  6. Set up approach and landing systems, introducing modifications as necessary.
  7. Coordinate with the military authorities and neighboring air control centers to ensure the safety of air navigation.
  8. Identify the needs and specifications of the electronic communication, navigation and radar systems and carry out their maintenance.
  9. Periodically identify the qualifications and medical and technical merits of the staff manning air control sector and other relevant staff and submit reports on their aptitude level.
  10. Approve landing and harbor fees.
  11. Evaluate decisions, annexes and documents issued by the International civil aviation organization, perform accordingly, reviewing the suggestions of its modifications and express its stand point.
  12. Participate in local, regional and international meetings, conferences, and symposiums within the scope of its authority.
  13. Prepare required annual reports.
  14. Set up participation plans in research and rescue operations, coordinate and cooperate with military authorities.
  15. Set up training programs and plans, coordinate its implementation with the concerned bodies at the civil aviation authority
  16. Identify required specifications to modernize air control, air navigation and communications systems.