Air Transport Agreements and international Relation

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The main functions of ATAIR:

  1. To study and prepare draft of Air Transport Agreements between the State of Qatar and other Countries.
  2. Follow up arrangement and the required procedures to conclude Air Transport Agreements with other countries. Arrange for final signature of said Agreements and ensure their registration with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) after being approved.
  3. Prepare technical reports to follow up on International Air Transport Agreements and their outcomes. To file each agreement, protocol or convention in the Agreements registry for further follow-up.
  4. Participate in negotiations and meetings relating to Agreements between Qatar and other countries.
  5. To ensure the satisfactory compliance with the Air Transport Agreements provisions pertaining to Traffic rights granted to national and foreign Airlines. To follow up reports received from those Airlines and their fully compliance with all provision stated in those agreements.
  6. Coordinate with the concerned parties to Study and solve difficulties and problems facing National Airline.
  7. Propose programs and plans promoting the growth of Air Transport Traffic and matching the latest international development in Air Transport industry.
  8. Participate in relevant conferences, symposiums and international meetings.
  9. Building tight relations with Air Transport Associations, International and Regional Organizations.
  10. Providing International Organizations and official Authorities with the information they requested within the possible limits.
  11. Follow up the implementation of International Organizations resolutions in which Qatar is a member.
  12. Coordinate with the National Carrier in matters relating to the required traffic rights and the relevant decision thereof.